High-pressure washing / ultra-sonic cleaning

Cleanliness is next to... Finished parts without annoying chips or particles, grease-free and cleanly packaged, shorten the entire production process. Your parts can be delivered directly to the final assembly line or surface treatment without further processing.


Our high pressure washing equipment is suitable for professionally cleaning medium-size to larger parts.

The ultra-sonic cleaning equipment is suitable for smaller parts. This type of cleaning is important, for example, as a preliminary process before finishing.

Our large machine pool includes:

High pressure washing machines: This state-of-the-art equipment includes an automatic washing machine with rotation system, safety technology, and nozzle fittings with adjustable nozzles. A variety of programs provide optimum coverage for virtually all customer requirements.

Ultra-sonic cleaning: We use this process to clean welded components for the food industry.


  • Washing machines: Xmax: 1‘600 Ymax: 1‘600 Zmax: 1‘300
  • High pressure: 160 bar max
  • Maximum particle size: < 300μm
  • Table load: 800 kg max
  • Separate circuits for rinsing and washing processes
  • Ultra-sonic cleaning: Xmax: 400 Ymax: 300 (greater dimensions on request).

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