Consulting Engineering ESTECH „CoEE“ – our professional service for production-oriented, cost-optimised product development.


Our engineers and specially trained professionals provide you with support during development, design and industrialisation of your products, with the objective of production-oriented development and production using the total cost approach.

We offer 4-stage support using the CoEE model developed by us:

  • Basic Check
    Based on your drawings, illustrations, specifications, function and target price, we work out the possible cost savings potential based on our production capabilities.
  • SKT-Check 01
    We work out the technological, cost and deadline potentials together with the client’s own experts. The result is a concept with the greatest possible optimisation potential.
  • SKT-Check 02
    In this stage we go one step further and work out the complete production concept using the TCO approach.
  • ESTECH academy
    We train and qualify the personnel involved in the development and design process with the objective of making them qualified in their own right.


Basis Check
Basic evaluation / cost savings potential

SKT-Check 01
Optimisation potential

SKT-Check 02

Renewal potential

ESTECH Academy

Training / Own competency

Fullservice Partner